Event Trends 2024: What’s Hot and What’s Not in the Event Industry

As we have already stepped into 2024, the event industry has continued to evolve, bringing forth new trends and bidding farewell to old ones. There’s more use of AI, people want events that are about experiences, and there’s a big focus on inclusion and being eco-friendly at the same time. But it’s also harder because costs are going up, and teams have to do more with less. In this blog, we delve into the hottest trends shaping the event landscape this year, along with those that are gradually fading away. Here’s what event planners and attendees can expect in 2024!

Promising Virtual Reality and Hybrid Events

With the ongoing influence of the digital realm, virtual and hybrid events are here to stay. In-person experiences offer better chances for deeper engagement, networking, and interaction, which are crucial for businesses. We analyzed the tide in demand for intriguing online experiences and the blending of virtual elements like VR and AR into traditional events.

Sustainable Practices Reflect Values

Environmental consciousness takes center stage as event organizers prioritize eco-friendly practices. From zero-waste initiatives to carbon-neutral events, sustainability has become a key focus for both planners and participants. A survey found that 78% of organizations want to achieve net-zero goals by the end of 2024. But, even though it’s important, it’s still a challenge. Cost is a big worry for almost 40% of respondents, according to a report by ICE. Begin with small steps like choosing eco-friendly venues and suppliers, going for local food, and cutting down on single-use plastics at your event.

Experiential Marketing Shifts

Brands are leveraging events as platforms for immersive experiential marketing campaigns. How? Companies are using events to create fun and interactive marketing experiences. They set up cool displays, fun games, and other activities to get people excited and involved on a deeper level. To make events and event marketing successful, the teams need to work closely together. They should understand what stakeholders want to achieve to increase their chances of success. The biggest trend that you should keep an eye on in 2024 is the market of Social Media!

Personalized Experiences with AI

Customizing events based on what attendees like is essential. We look at how data analytics and AI help create personalized content, networking chances, and organized schedules. Event technologists, often found in event planning teams, play a crucial role by combining tech skills with a deep understanding of the event planning process to suit everyone’s interests. Tools like ChatGPT helped automate tasks, leaving more room for creativity last year. In 2024, we expect even more AI use. ChatGPT and similar tools will get better at creating event content. Hotel group sales managers can use AI to predict group sales demand, target business travelers, and adapt to changing personalized needs.

Health and Safety Measures at the Event

In light of recent global events, health and safety protocols remain paramount for event planning. We examine the implementation of enhanced sanitation practices, contactless technologies, and crowd management strategies to ensure attendee well-being. It’s an impossible trend to miss in 2024 and forever, indeed!

Strategise for Doing More with Less in Event Planning

Costs are going up, but budgets are staying the same. Event planners are finding ways to deal with this. They’re being careful with their spending and finding new ways to save. Prices for things like transportation and hotels are going higher. Planners have to be smart with their money. This might be how things are from now on. But it’s also a chance for the industry to find new ways to save money and do things differently.

Decline of Traditional Trade Shows (NOT HOT IN 2024)

Traditional trade shows, like big exhibitions, are having a tough time because people’s habits are changing and technology is getting better. Instead, smaller, more specialized events are becoming more popular. We’re seeing this shift in certain industries away from big shows to smaller, more unique events.


2024 brings forth a dynamic shift in the event industry, marked by trends such as AI integration, experiential marketing, sustainability, and personalized experiences. Despite challenges like rising costs, event professionals are embracing these trends to deliver exceptional experiences. Adaptability and creativity will continue to be crucial for success in this evolving landscape, so prepare your strategies wisely for 2024 and beyond.